I really give no fucks about AJ Lee’s reign… as long as she keeps winning the way she has been, that Divas title seems to be losing shine. The placement of the Divas match tonight, not wise… However, the Divas match started getting good… then, AJ Lee does the black widow & ends it. Bleh.. Great job to the divas though.

To be fair, it’s a plastic belt with a fucking butterfly on it that looks like someone bought it from Toys R’ Us. 

I actually like that the Streak was broken. It got boring knowing it would never be. The shock was an amazing feeling and memory. 

Of all the things WWE does. The horrific sexism, the under appreciation of superstars, the medical scandals, the reported bullying—-

THIS is what get’s you all acting so embarrassingly immature?

This is what starts a passion in you? 

I love how a lot of people are complaining that Brock doesn’t respect Wrestling and so shouldn’t have won, and then deciding 'I don't wanna watch Wrestlemania anymore!' thereby saying;

'I don't care about the careers, hard work, training or emotion any of the superstars have put in anymore because I'm butthurt. >C'


Please may you kindly stop screaming and grunting like you’re in a porno? 

Thank you, ladies.


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