So… Kenny get’s a bad time. But Sarah, we’ll all okay with?

So basically, mental issues are only okay when being suffered by teenage girls? The majority of this website? So basically, you can’t understand the problems of people who are different than you?

Also, even a broken Kenny was looking after Rebecca. Luke and Jane thought this dire situation was a good time to relieve a little stress. I think we should all aim our frowny faces somewhere else. 


Just gonna say it and say it now the removal of Sarah, Sarita, Rebecca and Jane is not a feminist issue. 

Shh, no body mention Carver and Nick. It’ll ruin their ability to rant about absolutely nothing at all!

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Hi my name is Kitty,  and this is my mom, she has thyroid cancer 


 Thyroid cancer is a disease that occurs when abnormal cells begin to grow in the thyroid gland. Her only option right now is to have her thyroid removed through surgery, the only problem is that its much too expensive for us to afford even with her insurance. She’s a single mom of two and has given me and my brother everything she can. She works a minimum wage job at Target to pay for my 14 year old brothers schooling and most of the bills. I also have a minimum wage job but that all goes towards my college tuition costs. I dont want to see my mom get sicker, I dont want to watch her wither away, I dont want to see her go without good health just for me and my brother. I really want to give back to my mom, for everything she had done for me and my brother. I’m asking for help, to pay for her surgery. The surgery will cost around $10,000. I’m not asking for the full amount, I’m asking for HELP.


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my bro says our dog can’t cosplay akamaru because he isn’t white enough.

…my bro is one of those racists.

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neverknowinglybeingserious sent: List 5 things you like about yourself publicly and then send it to ten of your favorite followers

   Ohhman—-Uh, okay then! Hello! Um.

  • I like my creativity and imagination? I like that enjoy writing and can read and write; that’s seriously the best skill ever, and so basic but not everyone has the luxury. 
  • I think I’m a good friend and a kind person. I keep an open mind and try to help anyone who asks for it.
  • My optimism for humanity—-? Iuno, I just… I believe in good!
  • My hair, sometimes. 
  • My laugh? I guess? I like to be laughing too….

    That’s really about it… I found this very hard. :C